Bishopstown Playground

Bishopstown Playground

This week we took a visit to the new playground in Bishopstown. Here’s a short blog post with some ideas for stimulating speech and language development when enjoying this fantastic new amenity.

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The wooden playhouses, logs and stepping stones provide ample opportunity for imaginative play.  Sit on a log with your child and pretend to fly a plane or paddle a canoe!



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The park has SO many opportunities for modelling new vocabulary. With the tunnel above, model concepts such as ‘in’, ‘out’, ‘under’, ‘through’ etc. There’s also a fantastic sandpit area. Sand play is ideal for modelling new adjectives such as ‘full/empty’, ‘rough/smooth’, ‘grainy’. Bring your bucket and spade for further language stimulation!



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The most important thing to remember when learning language is to just have fun! Stimulate your child’s senses with the musical instruments photographed above. Work on imitation skills by having them copy your actions. Children will learn to copy actions before they copy language so encourage your child to copy you banging the drums.



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There are plenty of small wooden tables and stools scattered around the park, ideal for having a picnic. Spend some time enjoying the present moment with your child. Ask them what they liked best about the park!



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My photos above don’t do this playground justice. There are many more fantastic features such as climbing frames, swings, slides, a roundabout, and climbing rocks. There’s also a maze which is ideal for playing ‘peek-a-boo’!


In the evening, spend some time with your child recapping on your adventure at the playground. Revise any new vocabulary and show them any pictures you took to help reinforce new words or concepts. Have them recall the sequence of events to help lay the foundations for early narrative skills. The opportunities are endless!


Happy playing!




This playground is located in Bishopstown, off Curraheen Road. It is beside St. Gabriel’s Special School and Bishopstown Tennis Club.

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