Here are some of the many uses puppets can bring during play:

When learning language, a child will begin to copy actions before words. Try getting your child to imitate the following actions:

  • Give the puppet a kiss/ hug
  • Brush the puppet’s hair
  • Give the puppet something to eat/drink
  • Get the puppet to wave hi/bye
  • Give the puppet a high five!


Model some symbolic sounds. Children will generally produce these sounds before functional words.

  • Mwaaaah for kiss
  • Ooooh for hug
  • Mmmmm for eating
  • Slurping noises for drinking followed by a big ‘aaah’.


First words:

  • Practise pointing to and naming the different body parts
  • Label different clothing items
  • Practise saying hi and bye


Some puppets will have moveable mouths and tongues. This can be really good for teaching a speech sound your child finds tricky!


At a later stage, puppets can be used to develop your child’s pretend play skills. Some of the benefits of pretend play include:

  • Vocabulary Development
  • Concept development
  • Developing your child’s imagination
  • Problem solving skills
  • Turn-taking and sharing
  • Understanding a social situation
  • Developing theory of mind i.e. understanding others’ perspectives


Happy playing!


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