Language Stimulation at the Pool



At Home

Labelling nouns:

Ask your child what you need to bring with you. There will be lots of opportunity here to model all the different nouns; togs, towel, armbands, goggles, hat, shampoo, brush, clothes etc. 


Object Function: Discuss the function of items with your child.

What do we do with a towel? We dry.

What do we do with shampoo? We wash hair.


Reasoning Skills: Answering ‘why’ questions with the word ‘because’.

Why do we need to bring a snack? Because we might be hungry after.

Why do we need pool shoes? Because we might slip.


At the Pool

Labelling language: lots of opportunity to label what you see at the pool and comment on your actions.

  • Nouns: pool, water, slide, ball, children, boy, girl, steps, shower
  • Verbs: swim, splash, jump, go, wash, dry, brush
  • Concepts: up/down, in/out, fast/slow, hot/cold


Exclamatory Words:

If your child has not yet developed speech, begin by modelling some exclamatory words. Children will produce exclamatory words before functional words. Examples of exclamatory words include: yay, uh oh, whee, wow, mmm, yucky, ow. Produce the word ‘wheee’ as you spin your child around in the water or ‘whooosh’ every time the water fountain comes on.


Automatic Speech in Verbal Routines:

Following exclamatory words, children will go on to produce automatic speech in verbal routines. An example of this is ‘ready, steady, go’, where you pause to let your child fill in the word. Watch and wait for your child to give you a signal. Remember to interpret all forms of communication as intent. Communication involves so much more than just words.


Happy swimming!


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