Tell & Spell- Books and Online Games


In addition to my role as Speech and Language Therapist, I also co-produce books and online resources. Our books and online resources are designed to build vocabulary and improve spelling ability at home or in the classroom. 

We currently have 6 books of varying levels, and most recently a compilation book with all 6 levels.


Tell & Spell


Level 1 Book : 6+ years

Level 2 Book: 7+ years

Level 3 Book: 8+ years

Level 4 Book : 10+ years

Level 5 Book: 11+ years

Level 6 Book: 12+ years

Compilation book: 6-12 years+


So how does Tell & Spell work? 

With our books and online vocabulary & spelling tests, Tell & Spell is designed to build word awareness. 4 pieces of information are given on each word:

1: The type of word it is i.e. whether it’s a noun, verb, adjective, adverb etc.

2: How many letters are in the word.

3: The first letter of the word.

4: The meaning of the word.



If you are told the word is an adjective, has 4 letters, starts with the letter B, and that the meaning of the word is ‘having a lot to do‘, you must guess the answer ‘BUSY’ and spell it correctly.


There are 2,000 words across the 6 levels in the Tell & Spell Series, with word challenges for all age groups and ability levels. Pupils can start at a level that matches their current abilities and move to  higher level as they make progress.


We currently have over 650 schools using our resources nationwide. Our books match the online vocabulary and spelling tests. To purchase a book or to sign up for an online account, please visit

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