Language Stimulation at the Beach

Language Stimulation at the Beach


With this glorious weather at present, there’ll be many a trip to the beach. Use this as an opportunity to stimulate language. Outdoors is great for stimulating your child’s speech and language development as there are opportunities everywhere. Children learn best when they’re having fun!

Before you even head outside, begin the language learning experience at home.  Involve them in getting ready. Let your child help you pack the beach bag and the picnic bag. Label their towel, hat, glasses, shovel, apple, drink, etc. so that you’re giving them the vocabulary before you’ve even left the house. If your child is very young, pop them in the highchair as you make the lunch. What better way to begin developing their sequencing skills by commenting on the steps involved. Nice simple language is key.

The beach itself also has endless learning opportunities. So many nouns to label and most will be quite new if your child is just beginning to learn language. Don’t forget to model lots of actions words too! Children need to pair language with the real experience so comment on what they’re doing. Whether they’re pouring water, building a sandcastle, kicking a ball or splashing in the sea, you’ll find endless actions to comment on.  The beach is also the perfect place to model concepts such as hot/cold, wet/dry, smooth/rough, full/empty to name just a few.

Lastly, take some photos! Children will love looking back on photos from the beach. A great way of revising all of the language learned. Let an older child re-tell the events from the day or make a scrapbook of pictures from the day out.

Have fun!



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