Communication Tips: Infant Stage

Communication Tips Infant Stage

  1. When your baby begins to smile and coo at you, do it back to them right away. This helps your infant learn that cooing is a good way to get your attention.
  2. Interpret their sounds and coos as if they were telling you something.
  3. Imitate your infant’s body movements, actions and facial expressions. If they stick out their tongue do it back. Imitate their sounds exactly the way they say them. This helps create a connection.
  4. Talk as if your infant can talk to you.
  5. Introduce some infant toys and help them explore new things. Get face to face with your infant. Hold a rattle close to your face and shake it softly.
  6. Call your infant’s name to get their attention. Give your infant lots of enthusiasm even if they only respond with a brief look.
  7. Ask your infant questions. Alternate the tone and loudness of your voice.
  8. Sing songs and nursery rhymes to your infant.
  9. Take an infant massage class. It is important to provide babies with a variety of sensory stimulation from birth. Babies are learning through all of their senses from the moment they are born.
  10. The Lamaze toy range are a personal favourite of mine. Their colours, textures and sounds provide a variety of sensory stimulation.

Enjoy this stage with your baby!


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