Nuby Splish Splash Stacking Cups

Nuby Splish Splash Stacking Cups


I love coming across a toy or product that is educational, fun and stimulating. I introduced the Nuby Splish Splash Stacking Cups with my own daughter as a baby and now at age 3, she is still learning from them. Here are some ideas for children of all ages. Play with them on the floor or in the bath. 


1. Give them to your baby to explore. Babies will love discovering what they can do with them as they bang, shake and drop the cups.

2. Develop your baby’s understanding of cause & effect. In the bath, pour water through the holes!

3. Hide your toddler’s favourite snack under one of the cups and encourage them to find it. This will help develop your child’s problem solving skills.

4. There are lots of verbs you can model as you play with these cups. Model the verbs ‘build’ and ‘fall’ when playing with them on the floor. In the bath, you can model the word ‘pour’.

5. Don’t give your baby/toddler all of the cups at once and encourage them to ask for ‘more’. Depending on their level of language, encourage the following words and phrases e.g.  ‘more’, ‘more please’, ‘I need more cups please’.

6. These cups are also great for modelling adjectives, concepts and prepositions. Model the preposition ‘in’ as you put the cups into each other. Model the preposition ‘on’ as you stack the cups high. Model the adjectives ‘big’ and ‘small’ and the concepts ‘up’ and ‘down’ as you describe what you’re doing e.g. ‘small cup on’, uh oh the cups fell down’.

7. At around 18 months of age, children begin to develop symbolic play skills i.e. using one object to represent another object. Use these stacking cups to pretend you are drinking from a cup. Making slurping noises and say ‘ah’ when you’re finished. Put another cup on your head and pretend it’s a hat!

8. Use the cups to teach your child how to count!

9. Older children will enjoy learning about colours. These cups also have shapes on the bottom!

10. Teach an older child to follow directions e.g. put the small cup in the big cup, put the red cup in the yellow cup.

11. Use them to teach higher level concepts e.g. ‘Which cup is bigger’, ‘Which cup is the smallest?’


Happy playing!



You can get these cups online at for just €7.99.



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