Mr. Potato Head: Ideas for Use

Mr Potato Head

I mentioned in my last post that Smyths have some great 2 for €20 offers at the moment. One of these is 2 Potato Head Toys for €20 (normally €15 each).

I don’t think you’ll meet a speech and language therapist without a Mr. Potato Head in their bag of tricks. Here’s some of the reasons why! 

Skills that can be worked:


Understanding of body Parts

  • Give me the ……….
  • Where’s his …………..?


Naming of body parts

  • Would you like his nose or his eyes first? Offering a choice encourages your child to label the piece.
  • What’s this part called?


Modelling of verbs/ actions

  • Push/ pull/ wave/ fall / break


Imitation Skills

  • Give Potato Head a high five.
  • Blow him a kiss.
  • Stick tongue out like Potato Head


Modelling prepositions

  • In/ on/ off


Building Phrases:

  • Hi Potato Head
  • Hat on
  • Hand off
  • Night night Potato Head
  • Potato Head is smiling


Function of body parts

  • What do we do with our eyes? We see.
  • What do we do with our nose? We smell.


Answering ‘wh’ questions

  • What does he have on his head?
  • Where are his shoes?
  • Why does he need a hat? Because it’s cold.
  • Why does she need glasses? To see better.



  • Asking for a certain piece. This is a lovely activity for a child using PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System).
  • Requesting help when a piece is too hard to push in or pull out.



Happy playing!




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