The Benefits of Colouring Books

Benefits of Colouring Books

Colouring books and crayons. One of my favourite activities for learning language. It’s cheap and can bring hours of fun! 

I have come across some excellent colouring books for toddlers recently. As a Speech and Language Therapist I prefer when there’s not too much going on in the page such as the ones photographed below. It allows younger children to understand more clearly what is being said to them and what you’re focusing on.


I find Bits ‘n’ Bobs great for simple colouring and sticker books. This one below is just €2.

20160527_125536 20160527_125552 benefits of colouring books



I also picked this one up in Dunnes for €5. Perfect for Peppa Pig fans!

20160527_125511 benefits of colouring books


So what are the benefits of colouring?

  • You can increase your child’s receptive (understanding) and expressive language (talking).
    • Show me the ______________, Can you find the ___________?
    • Colour concepts
    • Build on your child’s phrases e.g. ‘I see the ________’, ‘Peppa is holding her teddy’.
    • Build on your child’s vocabulary by teaching them new words.
  • Crayons help to encourage and develop pre-writing and fine motor skills and improve hand strength.
  • Colouring sparks a child’s creativity.
  • Colouring can improve a child’s concentration as it requires attention to detail.
  • Colouring can help your child relax.
  • Colouring will give your child a sense of accomplishment when they’ve completed their work


Happy colouring!



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